Breakfast: My first step towards better eating

As mentioned on the About Page, this blog was inspired by Bob Harper’s talk about making the change you can make today. Choosing a small step and making a change you can handle right now. Though this talk was over two years ago now, I think it’s only appropriate to start with the first change I decided to make: eating breakfast.Yogurt Parfait

I’m sure this will become a theme of my posts on this blog, but let it be said from the start: I hate mornings. For as long as I can remember, I have had the absolute worst time waking up in the morning. We’ll talk more about that later.

A result of my extreme aversion to mornings was my failure to get up in time for breakfast regularly and needing to rush along into my day without eating. This started in college and eventually I got so out of the habit of eating breakfast that the thought of eating in the morning made me literally feel queasy. Food before noon? Gross. Food before coffee? Impossible.

You don’t need to get very far into any diet/exercise/healthy living reading before you start getting the idea that health experts think this breakfast business is important. Like, really important. When I saw Bob’s talk, I knew that first step I needed to take was eating breakfast.

This whole thing will sound silly to those who eat breakfast, but those who don’t/haven’t might understand just how [ridiculously] hard this was. But, I bought a box of granola bars and forced myself to take nauseating bites one after another each morning for weeks, knowing this was for my own good and worst comes to worst, I puke at my desk! Ha!

After a while, I started to notice myself not feeling so sick. Then, I started to actually like the granola bars from the first bite. Then, I started to get hungry in the morning and wanted to eat! Step One: Accomplished. Now? I love breakfast and enjoy eating every day. I’m going on two years of eating breakfast now, but it’s good to look back and remember taking that first active step towards changing my life for the better.

I’m kicking this blog off with a success story. There will be more to come, but there will also be frustrations, progress check-ins, and sometimes failures. Also, not all of these will be so long! So, never fear, dear readers!

Cheers and Cheerios,



3 thoughts on “Breakfast: My first step towards better eating

    • I always eat at work or on the way to work. I realized from the start that I will never be able to regularly get up with more than the absolute minimal time I require to get out the door to work. So, any week day breakfast suggestions you’ll see from me will be office friendly! (My next post is going to be exactly on this topic!!)

  1. I ALWAYS ate breakfast. My mom made sure of it, and she instilled the habit in me. But since we’ve moved, and especially since I got my not-a-stay-at-home-mom job, I haven’t been eating breakfast. Drives my mom nuts. And yes, I understand the queasiness at the thought of eating in the morning. Andrew’s telling me that he learned in his college physiology class *why* it’s important to eat in the morning, and how the body works and what kind of calories it burns at what time of day, and I’m thinking I should reestablish the breakfast habit. But yeah … queasy…..

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