The authors of Routine Refinement are a group of friends who have a shared vision of working to improve our daily lives, slowly but surely. After realizing we all had some little ways we can improve our routines, we decided to share them with one another and with the Internet, in the hopes that we can not only improve our routines, but make that refinement a routine in itself.

More about us:

Anthea is a formerly 20-something originally from Rockford, IL and living currently in Dallas, TX. She makes her living specializing in social media at a marketing agency and makes her fun attempting to learn to cook, eating great food that other people cook, and traveling as far and wide as her budget will allow.

Skylar is a fiction writer, poet and blogger living in the heart of the Midwest. She funds her writing career by working in health care marketing and enjoys spending her free time in the great outdoors hiking and biking, trying new foods and new restaurants, and having great conversations with her loved ones.

Lyz is a modern-day jack of all trades in Columbus, Ohio.  The short list includes cycling, gardening, editing, writing, music, and cooking – all while directing the programs department of a national nonprofit.  Her passion for improvement is rooted in pragmatism and follows the guideline to “never let perfect be the enemy of good.”


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