Don’t Break the Chain – Goal Tracking Calendar

Hey everyone! How are those New Years Resolutions going? We’re a couple weeks into the new year, already…

If you watched the video I linked to a few weeks ago about goal setting, I loved what Nikki had to say about setting small, routine refining goals that are achievable. Goals that are so small it seems silly to not do them because they’re so easy. I liked that she set some of her goals to literally just 2-5 minutes a day. In other words, don’t be afraid to set the bar low and let these things become habit and thenĀ amp them up to something bigger later on.Don't Break the Chain

One of my new years resolutions is to bring back a habit I literally had my entire life until a few years ago and I’ve had the worst time regaining: reading. Since I could read, I’ve always spent my last waking moments each day with my nose in a book. I dropped the habit for a while and have struggled ever since to read more and get the ball rolling again. I’ve put a few measures into place that are helping that I’ll probably go into more later, but today I’m talking about tracking the goal I set for myself: 5+ minutes a day reading.

So, how do I track whether I’m actually doing this reading every day? I found a great little gimmick, also thanks to YouTube, called the Don’t Break the Chain Calendar. The concept is simple: make the longest “chain” possible by checking off the days on the calendar as you do your goal. I’m keeping it right by my bed with my book so I can see my progress and check the days off as I do my reading. It’s simple, easy, visual, and gives me a little extra reminder to just crack the book for a few minutes before shutting off the light. Plus, anyone who’s attempting to keep me on track can check at any time. I could even put these up in a public place for more pride and/or shaming, if that’s what it takes.Do you have any tips for how you track your goals? Let me know, I’d love to hear them!

Grab your own printable calendar from Karen’s blog here: Don’t Break the Chain Calendar 2013
The calendar was designed by the ever-talented Karen Kavett and inspired by the so-cool-like Charlie McDonnell. I recommend checking out both of them on YouTube and/or the myriad of other social networks they frequent!


Setting Goals for the New Year

After a week on a vacation to Hawaii followed by a quick trip home to clean out some of my stuff from my parents house, I came back to Dallas with the idea of jumping back into blogging. Then got the worst migraine I’ve had in ages, missed my first day back at work, and I’m still feeling kind of sketchy today.

But, I just came across this video from a YouTuber that I follow and thought I would share it here. She has some great points on how she’s setting her goals for the year and the steps she’s taking the achieve them. It fits great with the theme of this blog, so I thought I’d share it.

Be back soon with some new posts for the new year!

Happy 2013!