Sleeping with the Enemy

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a really, really hard time getting up in the morning. Even with my fabulous, wonderful, amazing sunrise alarm clock, I still struggle to get out of bed (after waking up a little easier thanks to said clock) and will come up with any and every excuse to stay between the covers even just 30 seconds longer.1108252_59818138

One the absolute worst facilitators of my late rising each morning is my phone. My phone with all it’s “important” information (AKA distractions) such as work email, personal email, Facebook alerts, Instagram updates, and full Candy Crush lives is capable of keeping me glued in bed until I happen to glance at the time and realize I should be leaving the house in 20 minutes. I pick it up each day with the noble purpose of checking the weather so I know how to dress, but the reality is I spend time perusing Facebook and then check the weather for 0.2 seconds when the lateness panic hits.

I struggle with my relationship with my phone quite a bit, and will probably expound upon that more in the future. It drives me nuts how much I check it, and having it be the last thing that I touch at night and the first thing besides the snooze button that I touch in the morning seems like not the best choice for my mental state.

1131636_79596033So, what did I do to combat this? Two simple things:

  1. I got an alarm clock that is not my phone. This eliminates the need to grab my phone.
  2. I started plugging my phone in across the room. This eliminates the ability to grab my phone.

The first few days I plugged in my phone across the room were an adjustment. That nagging need to know what was up before I was up pulled on me pretty hard. But, after a few days, I was downright free to wake up in peace, without the pressure of overnight work questions (they waited this long, they can wait until after I’ve showered), mindless surfing, and the resultant shame of wasting time. By the way, if there were an emergency and someone called over night, I would still hear it and could answer.

Full Disclosure: I have recently fallen back into the habit of plugging in my phone bedside, but I realized today when I pried myself away from Facebook and my bed at 7:25 when I should be leaving the house at 7:45, that it’s time to take back my morning again. Friends, I love you, but I can “like” your statuses with my first cup of coffee.